Assign Users Permission to Approve Timecards Entered on Their Behalf

Indivudual users can review and approve timecards for themselves.

If you have one individual entering and submitting the timecards for multiple users, such as a foreperson for their crew, those crew members can review and approve their individual timecards.

Note: This action requires the individual crew members to have access to HR Grid Timecard and to be using a shared Grid Timecard template. For more information about shared templates, see Shared Templates.

To create an Employee Group for an individual user, select Add Employee Group from the Give Permissions To dropdown, search for the user (name, company number, or employee number), and select Add. The group is now created with the single user, and is selected in the Give Permissions To dropdown.

Note: For more information on assigning approval permissions, see Assign Approval Permissions.

To allow users to review and approve their individual timecards, select Can Enter & Approve Timecard(s) for in the Permission Type dropdown.

These users can approve time from either the Timecard Approval or Grid Timecard for themselves.