Clock in / Clock Out Configuration

The Time Worked feature can have the start and stop fields in their Time Worked grid automatically populated by users clocking in and out from the portal Navigation Bar or Log in screen.

Portal settings referenced in this article are found in Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Time Clock unless otherwise stated. You must be a Timecard Admin to configure this feature.
Note: To configure Kiosk Mode see Kiosk Mode Configuration.
  1. Before you begin this configuration, you will need to enable the Time Worked feature, see Configure Time Worked.
  2. For users to be able to clock-in and clock out you will need to enable either of the following portal settings:
    • Enable Clock In functionality on the Log in page: this will allow users to be able to clock-in from the log-in page. Users will need to enter their employee number and password then select the Clock in / out button instead of signing in. They can then choose to stay logged in or they will automatically be logged out.
    • Enable Clock In /out from the navigation bar: if this setting is enabled users will see a clock icon next to their name in their navigation bar. When they select their name they will be able to clock-in or clock-out. The clock icon will appear green if they have clocked in and red when they clock out.
  3. The Time Worked feature can also capture the location when users clock-in clock-out.
    • Before you enable Location Tracking, you will need to obtain a Google API Key and link it to your portal. For details on this process see Create a Google Map API Key.
    • Portal setting Enable Clock In / Out with Location Tracking to Auto Fill Time Worked Grid will allow the portal to request the location. When this setting is enabled users will no longer have the ability to modify their clock-in and clock-out time from the Time Worked Grid. Only Timecard Admins will be able to modify the Time Worked Grid for payroll groups they have permission to.
      • Users can check their location by selecting the icon on their Time Worked Grid.
    Note: When using Google Chrome, the website you are accessing must be HTTPS for the browser to allow location tracking to be enabled.
  4. To allow Managers to see a Summary of the Location on a timecard enable portal setting Enable Location Validation on Timecard Approval. Managers will be able to see the following when they select Review & Approve on the Timecard Approval page (Approval > Timecard Approval).
  5. Because users will no longer be able to modify their start stop times, you can enable portal setting Allow Timecard Approvers to edit Time Worked Entries even if Clock-in Validation is enabled. If this setting is enabled those who are assigned to approve Timecards (Managers) will be able to modify or edit the time clock punches made by the employees they have permission for. Job Approvers will not be able to modify the Time Worked grid.
    Note: Users must allow the portal to track their location, if a user has accidentally blocked location tracking see article How to Reenable Location Tracking in a Browser.
  6. If there are users you want to limit for clock-in and clock-out you can do this with following portal settings:
    • If you are allowing some users to clock-in and there are others who should not, you can assign an Employee Group to portal setting Do not allow mobile clock-in for members of the following employee group. Users assigned to this group will not be able to clock-in via log-in page, navigation bar or non-PIN-protected kiosk mode. When users try to clock-in they will receive the following message:
    • When a user clocks in on one day and then clocks out the next, the portal will clock them out at 11:59 PM and clock them back in at 12:00 AM the following day. This allows you to capture overnight work. If there are users who do not have permission to work overnight you can prevent potential inaccurate time for multiple days by assigning an Employee Group to portal setting Employee Group to exclude from overnight clock-in.
  7. If your company requires signatures on timecards you can enable Require Sign Clock Out and modify Custom Verbiage Clock Out Sign portal settings (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecards > Show Advanced > Time Worked).