Configure Time Worked

The Time Worked feature allows users to be able to enter their start and stop times (clock-in and clock-out) and then enter timecard lines to account for that time. The start stop time is save in Vista’s PR Employee Time Worked. This article will cover the basic configuration of this feature.

You must be a Timecard Admin and a System Admin to configure this feature.
  1. Before you can configure Time Worked, you must have configured your Grid or Standard Timecard (see Grid Timecard Settings and/or Standardd Timecard Configuration.
  2. To turn on the Time Worked Grid for your timecard type, you need to enable the Time Worked feature for the Payroll Group and Company:
    • For a Grid Timecard go to Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Grid Timecard Settings, filter to the Payroll Company and Group you want to enable Time Worked for, and check the Time Worked Enabled box. (See Enter Clock-in Clock-out Time on a Grid Timecard)
    • For a Standard Timecard, go to Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Timecard Settings, filter to the Payroll Company and Group you want to enable Time Worked for, and check the Time Worked Enabled box.
    • If you would like break hours to be automatically be deducted when time is added to the first start stop sequence go to the Timecard Settings page (Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Timecard Settings) and enter the amount of time you would like to be automatically deducted on the Hours to deduct from Time Worked setting (example: 0.5 for a half hour, 1 for an hour). To be able to see the break hours in your Time Worked grid, enable Show Break Hours. Although these settings are on the Timecard Settings page, they will apply Grid and Standard timecards for the Company and Payroll group enabled.
  3. After enabling time worked you will want to review the following portal settings found in Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Time Clock:
    • To require time entered in the Time Worked grid to match up with the timecard lines entered enable portal setting Enable Time Worked Validation. Users will not be able to submit time until these match up.
    • If you have enabled Time Worked validation, you may want to set the number of minutes the clock in and out times can differ by entering it in portal setting For Submission Validation, the number of minutes the Clock in / Clock out time is allowed to differ from Allocated Time.
    • When users are entering timecard lines in the web or the FM Mobile app, there may be certain entries that do not need to match up with Time Worked (Example: vacation or expense). To exclude these lines, enter the earn codes in portal setting Earn Codes to Exclude from Time Worked Subtotal Validation. For multiple Earn Codes enter a comma between each earn code (no spaces).
    • If users are manually entering their start and stop time in the Time Worked grid, you can restrict entry to specific hourly intervals with portal setting Restrict Time Inputs to certain hourly intervals in Time Worked feature. Enter a 0 for no restriction, 15 for a 15 minute interval, 30 for a 30 minute interval, and 60 for an hourly interval.
    • When Grid Timecard users are entering lines to validate against the clock-in clock out time they can filter to an employee to see their clock in clock out summary for each day. To allow Grid Timecard users to see the full Time Worked grid when filtering to an employee enable portal setting Enable full time worked editing on Grid Timecard page outside of modal window. See Enter Clock-in Clock-out Time on a Grid Timecard) for more details.
    Note: If you have enabled Location Tracking (see Clock in / Clock Out Configuration) this grid will not be editable.
    After you have configured the Time Worked feature you can configure additional Time Worked features such as Clock in and Clock out, Kiosk Mode, and Job and Phase Entry on Clock in.