License Users for Vista Web Office Tools

Vista Web Office Tools users must be active Vista users and must be set up with a User Type of Vista on their VA User Profile.

Licensed users of Vista Web Web Office Tools must log in to your web portal using their Viewpoint ID single sign-on (SSO) account. For help configuring a Viewpoint ID single sign-on account, see Configure Your SSO Account.
Note: The Vista Web Office Tools feature is available to Trimble Construction One customers whose organizations are using a Named User License (NUL) model in Vista.
The following task requires administrative access to Vista.
  1. In Vista, select Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA User Profile.
  2. On the Grid tab, select a user.
  3. Select the Info tab.
  4. Verify that the user is active (Deactivated checkbox is not selected).
  5. Set the User Type to Vista.
    Note: Office Tools user can have a License Type of either Office or PM on their VA User Profile.

  6. When you are finished, save your changes.
  7. Select the Security Groups tab, and confirm that this user has access to all Vista tables and forms (and attachments where applicable) that you want them to be able to access to in Vista Web Office Tools, including user-defined (UD) forms.

    For more information about security setup, see Data Level Security for Custom Tables and Forms and Add Users to Security Groups.

    Note: Field Management users with access to UD forms in Vista will continue to have access to those forms through Field Apps. These users can be set up with a User Type of User Application on their VA User Profile, or they can be deactivated. See Field Apps for details
Following the above configuration, licensed users who log in to the web portal using single sign-on will see an Office Tools link in the navigation bar of the Vista Web portal. These users will have access to the same forms and attachments in the web portal that they have permission to access in Vista, including user-defined (UD) forms.