About Adding Users to Security Groups

Once you have created security groups, you can add users to security groups from two locations in the software.

When you first implement group security, you will typically add users in VA Security Groups. If you add users to the system after group security has been implemented, it is easier to add users to the group after you create their login in VA User Profile. Changes made on one form automatically update the other. You can also add multiple users to a security group at once with VA Add Users to Group.

If a user belongs to more than one group, the group with the least restrictive setting takes precedence over the other group's settings. If a user belongs to a security group and also has user-level security settings, those settings interact. To learn more, see About the Interaction Between Group and User Level Security Settings.

You must have been given form security access to VA Security Groups to add or delete users from security groups. In addition, to add a user to a security group, you must have security form access to all of the companies in which that security group is used.

Note: It is recommended that the system administrator create a security group named “Standard Viewpoint Forms” that has access to VP forms. Forms not assigned to a specific form or module (for example, Batch Selection, Field Properties, etc.) are VP forms. You should associate all users with this group in all companies.

Here are the various ways you can add users to security groups: