AP Unapproved Invoice Review Guide

When first accessing Invoice Review you see the Invoice Grid, which lets you see and filter all invoices assigned to you.

Note: Several Features in this article can be enabled/disabled by your Administrator.
  1. If no action has been taken on an invoice, the status will appear as Unapproved. If one of the reviewers has approved the invoice, the status will appear as In Progress. If any reviewer has rejected the invoice, the status will show as Rejected. If all sequences have approved, the status will show Approved.
  2. Select an invoice. Now you can see and/or edit line items and attachments of the invoice.
    Table 1.
    (A) NextMove to the next invoice in your approval grid. If there are no more items in your grid this button will be grayed out and will not be able to be selected.
    (B) Edit HoldAdd or remove a hold code to your invoice. These come from Vista’s HQ Hold Codes.
    (C) Review by LineChange the view from Approval for the entire Invoice (default) to Approve or reject each line item separately.
    (D) HistorySee the status history of each line item and by what reviewer
    (E) CommentsAdd notes to the header of the invoice
    (F) Approve/RejectApprove or reject the entire invoice
    (G) Approve/Reject and Move to NextSelect the arrow next to either Approve or Reject you will approve or reject the whole invoice and move to the next invoice in your approval grid.
    (H) Edit

    Edit the line item.

    Note: If a field is hidden in Vista on the AP Line item level, it will not appear in this portal.
    (I) !When this appears next to your line item it means that your line item is associated with a PO or Subcontract and it is out of balance. Select Review Totals from the Edit dropdown button to see details.
    (J) Review ToolsIf item is associated with a PO or Subcontract, you can see the basic details of the totals of the PO or Subcontract.
    (K) Add NoteAdd a note to the line item.
    (L) Copy LineCreates a copy of the selected line.
    (M) Add New ItemAdd a new line item to this invoice.
    (N) Net CalculationSee the calculation of the Gross, Tax, Misc and Retainage on the entire invoice.
    (O) Invoice AttachmentIf your invoice has multiple attachments, this filter allows you to switch between.
    (P) Add AnnotationAdd text or a stamp to your invoice
    (Q) Add AttachmentAdd an attachment to your invoice.