Verify that Vista AP Invoice Reviewers Can Use AP Unapproved Invoice Review

After configuring AP Invoice Review in the web portal, verify that the AP Invoice Reviewers set up in Vista can use AP Unapproved Invoice Review in the portal.

  1. Select Admin > User Access > Financial Controls.
  2. If the user in question does not have any results in the VP UserName or HR Employee Details column, the Viewpoint user is not connected to their Payroll Employee. To resolve this:
    1. In Vista, go to the user’s VA user Profile. In the “HR Employee Details” section there is a field for PR Co and Employee, both of these need to be filled in to link your PR Employee to your VA User.
      Note: The portal will only recognize one VA User per PR Employee, if you have multiple associated you will need to correct this.
      Note: VA user profiles do not need to be active to be able to approve AP in the portal.
  3. Some portal settings allow admins to restrict AP Users. Select Admin > Portal Settings > AP Review > General Configuration, enable Show Advanced Settings to review the following:
    1. Check portal setting Enable Invoice approval only access if no other permissions are assigned. In order to access the portal a user must be assigned a module on the User Access page, if this setting is enabled a user only needs to be assigned as an AP approver in Vista and they will be able to access the portal.
    2. Portal setting Restrict AP Approvers in the Portal to only members of this Reviewer Group. If this setting is filled in your user may not be part of this group, and therefore does not have access to the portal.
    3. Portal setting Restrict AP Invoice Review Editing Privileges to only member of this employee group also restricts access. Select View to see if your user is included in this group. If they are not you can select Edit and easily add them. If this setting has “No User Group” listed then you are not restricting access with this setting.