IFC Viewer

The IFC Viewer allows you to visualize and interact with BIM models created in IFC format.

The IFC Viewer supports models created in both IFC 2x3 and IFC 4.

Restriction: IFC 2x3 models that were uploaded to Viewpoint For Projects™ before the 2017-3 release may need to be reprocessed. If you receive an error when you attempt to open your model, please contact Support.

The IFC Viewer contains three primary viewing panels:

  • Model Viewing panel - Displays a visual representation of the model in 3D.
  • Model Information panel - Displays tabs for viewing the container, component, and COBie data hierarchies.
  • Multi-Purpose panel - Displays tabs for viewing messages, saved views, and tasks associated with the model.

The image below labels each of the panels in the IFC Viewer.

The Model Viewing panel always displays. You can hide either or both of the other two panels by clicking by the appropriate panel. When you hide a panel, the Model Viewing panel enlarges, amplifying your workspace.

The IFC Viewer also provides a toolbar of options for working with the model. See IFC Viewer Toolbar for more information.