Configure Security Groups and Permissions

The activities that specific users can do in Viewpoint For Projects™ depend on the permissions they have for a Site, Project, Container, or item. As the Local Administrator, you assign permissions to users through security groups.


  • Permissions and security groups are inherited by all items below the level you set them up at. For example, if you set up permissions at the Enterprise level, the Sites, Projects, and containers in that Enterprise will inherit those permissions.
  • If a Site, Project, or container inherits a permission allowing access and you don't want a user to have access, you can deny access to it for that specific user.
    Tip: It is not recommended that you deny access to specific Site, Project, or container for a specific user. Instead, change the security group that the user belongs to.
  • If a Site, Project, or container inherits permissions that deny access, you cannot override that and give a user access. You'll need to add the user to another security group that allows access to it.