System Requirements

The system requirements outline the operating systems and browsers that you may use with Viewpoint For Projects™. Depending on your system, you may need to make additional configurations.

The Viewpoint For Projects™ web application works on MAC OS, Linux, and multiple versions of Windows. A majority of the functionality in will work on any browser. However, we recommend using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as your browser for the best user experience. If you are using Internet Explorer, we recommend using version 11 or higher.

Restriction: Viewpoint For Projects™ is no longer tested against or developed for IE 7 or 8. Any issues specific to these versions of IE will not be addressed and new functionality may not be compatible.

If you use Internet Explorer, you must configure your browser to allow 4Projects popups and to accept 4Projects as a trusted site. In addition, you need to verify a specific security setting. Refer to the topics in the Log in to Viewpoint For Projects™ chapter of the User Guide for details.

The table below lists the compatibility of specific operating systems and browsers with the Viewpoint For Projects™ web application, desktop app, and specific features.

Windows 8 or higherWindows 7Windows XP, VistaMac OSLinuxMS EdgeIE 11Google Chrome
Viewpoint For Projects™
Desktop App xxxxN/AN/AN/A
Multi-File Upload x IE11
ActiveX View and Markup xxx x
HTML5 View and Markup
Batch Print xx x
Explorer Plugin xxN/AN/AN/A
Outlook Plugin xxN/AN/AN/A
IFC Viewer IE11