Batch Print from the Clipboard

You can select multiple items from your clipboard to print at once as part of a batch.

To batch print items from the clipboard, first select the items to be added to the clipboard. This is done by placing a tick next to the items in the tick column of the search table.


You can select multiple items in a row by left-clicking the tick column of an item and holding down the shift key and left-clicking the tick column of the another item. Alternatively, you can select multiple specific items by pressing the CTRL key and left-clicking the tick column.

Once you have selected the items, click the Add selected items to the Clipboard icon in the Search Toolbar.

The Clipboard now displays in the Quick Info bar with the previously selected items.

You can print all of the items in the Clipboard by clicking the Print All Items link in the Print Options box. Alternatively, you can select specific items in the Clipboard for print by left-clicking the item names.

When selected, the items appear with a lilac-colored outline and the additional option to Print Selected Items in the Print Options box are now enabled.

After clicking either the Print All Items or Print Selected Items links, a Launching Application window is displayed. The window loads the 4Printing application, which includes either all of the items from the Clipboard in its batch or only those items which were selected.