Create Events

You can add events to your Personal Calendar to track your own time. You can also add events to a Project Calendar to keep track of time and events for your Projects.

View the tutorial below to learn how to add an event to a Project Calendar. Or follow the written steps to add an event to either the Project Calendar or to your Personal Calendar.

  1. Open your Personal Calendar or a Project Calendar.
  2. Click on the time that you want to schedule the event and click Edit.
    Calendar Item Details displays.
  3. Enter a name for the event in Subject.
  4. Enter the start date and time in From and the end date and time in To. Select All Day if the event lasts all day.
  5. Enter a Location and Description.
  6. If you want the event to be visible on a Project Calendar to invitees only, select Private.
  7. If you are creating an event in a Project Calendar and you want to add people to the event, use the Quick Search or the Advanced Search to find and select other users.
  8. Optional: If you want to add attachments to the event, click Add/Remove Attachments, find and select the item you want to attach, and click OK.
  9. Enter details about your event into Body Text.
  10. Click OK.