Upload a Single Revised Item (change to file name)

  1. Navigate to the container.
  2. Click ‘Upload Files’.
  3. Click ‘Select Files’, ‘Select Folder’, or drag and drop file into the box.

    A progress bar displays at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Once the file has finished loading, click 'Upload' to force a revision on the file. Do not select 'Register', as this would indicate you want to upload a new item instead of a revision to an existing one.

    The item appears in the upper section of the grid that loads.

  5. Use the quad arrow icon to drag the file from the upper to the lower section to convert the file to a revision of an existing file.

    A new window appears, presenting a drop down list of the items available to revise. Select the correct item.

  6. Complete any necessary data.
  7. Click 'Upload' to finish the process.