Primary Differences Between HTML5 and ActiveX

The following list contains a summary of the primary differences between the HTML5 and ActiveX Viewers after the release.


In HTML5, you do not have the ability to create a stamp template, but you do have the ability to apply a stamp that has already been created. To use this feature in HTML5, you can do one of the following:

  • Upload images to your personal container to use as stamps . You can then select these images when applying a stamp to a markup.
  • Create a stamp template in the ActiveX Viewer. You can select the template when applying a stamp in HTML5.


The following tools are available in ActiveX but are not available in HTML5:
  • Changemark text highlight
  • Changemark text strikethrough
  • Polygonal cloud
  • Arc
  • Arrow pointer
  • Compare text
  • Magnifier

Markup Image Boundary

ActiveX allows you to draw a markup outside the boundary of the image and fully displays markups that fall outside the boundary. However, HTML5 does not allow you to draw or display a markup outside the boundary. If a markup has been drawn outside the boundary in ActiveX and you open the markup in HTML, the portion that falls outside the boundary will not display.


The Measure menu and functions are not yet available in HTML5.


HTML5 now provides the ability to publish to PDF and TIFF formats. When publishing to either of these formats, you can save the published file to a network location.

In ActiveX, you have the additional option to automatically email the published file as an attachment. ActiveX also provides additional publish formats not available in HTML5--namely, CSF and JPG.