Core Enhancements

The following enhancements to core functionality are available in Viewpoint For Projects™ 2017 - 4.2 release.

Logi Dashboard Retired

The Logi-based dashboard feature has been officially retired and is no longer available. Customers who were using this feature were notified of this change in advance of this release.

As previously communicated, a new Dashboard feature, which provides personalized metrics and drill-through capabilities into workflow action items, has been available since the 2017-3 release. Click here to read more about the benefits of the new Dashboard.

Improved Interface for Defining Workflow Status Filters

Workflow status filters are now easier to define using a newly redesigned interface.

On the Workflow Configuration page, click the icon, select one or more statuses from the new Statuses window, and click OK to add the selected statuses to the filter. As shown below, several statuses are visible in the Statuses window, and you can easily scroll through the list to see additional statuses.

In previous versions, you selected statuses from a list that was embedded directly within the Workflow configuration page. The list would show only two statuses at a time, which made finding and selecting the statuses for the filter cumbersome and time-consuming.

Prevent Email Recipients on Upload

You can now configure a project to prevent emails from being sent to recipients when items are uploaded to containers. This feature can be used to reduce the number of notifications sent to users, particularly on items that do not require action or follow-up.

You can enable this feature at the project configuration level, as shown below.

When the Prevent Email Recipients on Upload box is selected for a project and you register an item that was uploaded to a container, the Notify Recipients by Email box on the registration page is disabled.

Improvements to Project Templating

Changes have been made to improve the way the application handles the creation of projects from a template, particularly when copying security groups and permissions.

Make Workflow Items Visible in Public Virtual Containers

When defining a public virtual container (static or dynamic), you now have the option to remove visibility restrictions imposed by a workflow on documents in the container. This option may be useful in cases where you want to make “in review” documents available to individuals who do not have access to Viewpoint For Projects™.

To support this functionality, the new Enforce Workflow check box is now displayed on the virtual container configuration page when the Is Public check box is selected. This check box is selected by default, meaning that workflow visibility restrictions are automatically imposed on documents accessed through the public link. To remove visibility restrictions, deselect the check box. The system displays a disclaimer stating that any visibility restrictions defined by a workflow will be removed

Item Status Displayed in Default View

The Status field is now included in the default view of items, allowing you to quickly find items by status. This change has been applied to document containers, virtual containers, and delivery containers.

Enhanced Performance When Searching

System performance has been optimized when conducting advanced searches for Overdue items, User Not Voted items, and/or Current Panel User items.

Improved Visibility of Security Groups on Invitations Window

Changes have been made to improve the visibility of security groups on invitations.

The security groups to which a user has been invited now remain on the invitation after the user has accepted the invitation. This enables you to go back to the invitation at any time to view the user’s security groups. In addition, the security groups are now displayed as hyperlinks that can be clicked to view the security group’s members.

Security groups that have been deleted are displayed in red.