Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2018-01 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2018-01.

Item Viewpoint Customer Portal ID Description
Item owner's notifications are received by the voter 49641 The voter of an item received notification of an item passed to the next node of a workflow, when only the item owner was set to receive it.
MFU removes owner name 65693 Multi File Upload process changed the 'Owner Name' to 'Unknown' and indicated same to notification recipients.
Designing large workflows degrades performance 67619 Poor Workflow Designer performance when working with large workflows.
Mouse icon menu in wrong location 67850 When clicking the mouse icon next to an item in a long list, the mouse icon menu appeared in an incorrect location, sometimes off-screen.
Templates omitting Distribution containers 68070 If templates built before 20 October, 2017 were used to create a Project, the resulting Project did not include the Distributions containers.
Assignees not detected 68080 When editing a task's existing post, pre-filled assignees were not detected.
Incorrect workflow triggering 68387 Items meeting status and security group filters were not triggering workflows when they should have - and also triggered workflows when they should not have.
IFC revision compare is transposing revisions numbers 68445 When comparing IFC revisions, the newer version was displayed and labeled as the older revision and vice versa.
COBie data loading slowly 68476 Underlying code prevented the COBie model viewer from performing optimally.
COBie displaying incorrect space information 68492 Underlying code caused problems when the Space field of a Component entry was null; didn't allow user to correct.
Expired link to Release Notes 68513 Clicking the Release Notes link on the Enterprise selection page resulted in error.
BIM Usability Enhancements

COBie trees weren't auto-regenerating and hide spaces wasn't working properly; you can more easily identify empty folders and click through near-transparent items; performance improvemnts with COBie validation and refresh; Xray button is now disabled when in COBie colour mode.