What's New in VFP 2018-01 – February 2018

The first Viewpoint For Projects™ web release for 2018 delivers naming convention enhancements as well as customer-suggested improvements that include adding distribution groups at invite, user-defined document names, and container configuration enhancements.

Review the release video to see a quick overview of VFP 2018-01 enhancements, and read more about them in the sections below it.

Key enhancements include:

  • Configurable naming convention – Building on recent BS1192 naming convention enhancements, VFP now enables Enterprise Administrators to configure components and values for four different naming convention types. As with the previous naming convention enhancements, interested parties should contact Support to enable this.
    • Long name convention - List
    • Short name convention - List
    • Short name convention - Free text
    • Long name convention - Free text
    List types conform strictly to BS1192 protocols while Free text types allow naming flexibility. Deployment is at any of three levels: enterprise, site, or project and is inherited down. File naming applies to documents, drawings, models, and data. Read more...
  • Assign Distribution Groups during invite – Instead of waiting to add new users to distribution groups – often after checking multiple times to verify an invite has been accepted – project administrators now have a new 'Distribution Group Assignment' step in the invitation wizard. See the new steps here...

  • 3-panel model/COBie viewer – Model viewing is much cleaner with the addition of a new panel to the right from which you can choose COBie properties, COBie validation report, and the IFC property sets. Now you can explore your model without overlapping.
  • New user-defined file download naming options – While all file uploads must conform to any deployed naming convention, this release provides new options for defining the naming convention of files that you download to your local workstation. See how to do it here...

  • Default Starting Revision – Enterprise administrators use this field to define a starting point that applies to all revisions of files at the enterprise, site, or project level. All subsequent revisions receive logical increments. See how to do it here...
  • Workflow performance improvements – You'll enjoy better responsiveness when designing and voting with large workflows, primarily those with a high number of nodes and panelists.

In addition, this release contains several bug fixes that address customer-reported issues and make the application more usable. Read about Viewpoint For Projects™ 2018-01 bug fixes here.