What's New in VFP 2019-01 – March 2019

The first Viewpoint For Projects™ release for 2019 contains an upgraded HTML5 document viewer, improvements to the export as report feature, as well as additional enhancements and fixes.

Key enhancements include:

Upgraded HTML5 document viewer

In addition to being able to access popular tools such as revision compare, measurement, and stamps within the HTML5 viewer, the upgraded HTML5 document viewer also includes a newly styled side panel that displays more metadata pertaining to the document being viewed.

Export as report improvements

Configure reports to export all results and all columns. Thousands of rows and columns can be exported instead of the previous extract maximum of 500 results per report. Additionally, formatting of the exported spreadsheet has also been improved.

Additional enhancements

  • Naming convention component sorting– Automatic A–Z sorting to more easily find information.
  • Delete naming conventions – Unwanted conventions can be deleted.
  • Activity log – More of the actions taken by team members are captured and recorded in the activity log.
  • Batch vote– More feedback is provided to the user after a batch vote action has completed.

Fixes and stability improvements

This release also contains several customer-requested Bug Fixes and enhancements to make the application more usable.