Bug Fixes

Viewpoint For Projects™ 2021-03 contains several bug fixes that improve ease of use and performance. The following bug fixes are included in VFP 2021-03.

Item Issue ID Description
Public downloads are no longer tracked in the activity log. 100931 Fixed issue where, public downloads were no longer tracked in the activity log.
Downloaded public file document container structure breaks for items containing multiple PDFs. 102327 Fixed issue where, the public file document container structure broke when downloading items that contained multiple PDFs.
Task indefinitely loads if a large image is added in the task body. 103192 Fixed issue where, tasks loaded indefinitely when a large image was attached to the post.
Unable to see users added to a Distribution Group in the activity log. 317203 Fixed issue where, users were unable to see individuals added to a distribution group in the activity log.
Disinheriting permissions over a matrix transmittal causes performance issues. 94242 Fixed issue where, performance issues occurred when permissions were disinherited and amended over a Matrix Transmittal.
Info Planner not updating as expected. 94903 Fixed issue where, cached data in the info planner did not expire until 30 days passed.
Users receive a black bar when uploading via MFU. 103586 Fixed issue where, users received a connecting issue in the form of a black bar when uploading via MFU.
Workflow termination emails fail to send if passing a compliance node. 103932 Fixed issue where, when an item passed a compliance node immediately before being terminated, the item owner was not notified via the standard termination email.
Markups no longer automatically increment if saved with a name already in use. 103565 Fixed issue where, an error would occur if a markup was saved with the same name as an existing markup.