Personal Information Fields

The following table provides descriptions for the fields shown on the Personal Information page in Employee Self-Service.

Access the Personal Info page by selecting the Personal icon from the Employee Self-Service home page. Or, you can select the main menu in the upper left corner of the home page, and then select Personal Info.

Personal information is grouped under the following tabs: For more details, see the Personal Information page in Help.

Personal Info Tab

The Personal Info tab shows your name, physical and mailing addresses, and phone numbers.
Personal Info Field Description
Company Allows the employee to view personal information for each of their assigned companies by selecting a company from the list. This field applies only to employees who are assigned to multiple companies.
Name Shows the employee's first, middle, and last name, personal pronouns, and preferred name on file.
Home Contact Information Lists the employee's home phone number and personal email address.
Primary Address Shows the employee's physical address on file.
Mailing Address For employees with a mailing address that is different from their physical address, this section shows the mailing address, such as a PO Box, on file.
Work Contact Information Lists the employee's contact information at work, including phone number and email address.

Emergency Contacts Tab

The Emergency Contacts tab lists your current emergency contacts, including the contact's name, telephone number, and relationship to you.
Emergency Contacts Field Description
Emergency Contact Lists the emergency contact's name, telephone number, and relationship to the employee.

Direct Deposit Tab

The Direct Deposit tab shows details for each bank account that you currently have on file for your direct deposit of earnings. See Direct Deposit Fields for field descriptions.