Viewpoint Team Users: Migrate External User Types Via Spectrum

Customers who use Viewpoint Team may have employee users set up in Trimble Construction One with a User Type of External. If so, in order for these employees to access Employee Self-Service, you must migrate their user accounts via Spectrum.

This process requires administrative access to Spectrum and Trimble Construction One.
This is a two-part process. First, in Trimble Construction One, identify the User Type for your employee users. Then, for any users that have a User Type of External User, migrate their accounts via Spectrum
  1. If you haven't already, log in to Trimble Construction One.
  2. Select your name in the upper right corner and select Admin Center.
    Note: If you don't see Admin Center, you have not been set up as an administrator. Contact your System Administrator for assistance.

    If you have more than one enterprise, select it from the Admin Center list.

    The selected Enterprise Info tab appears.
  3. Select the User Management tab.

    Employee users already in the system will have a User Type of either Internal User or External User.

    • Internal Users already have access to Employee Self-Service. No additional action is required for these accounts.
    • External Users must have their accounts migrated to Trimble Construction One before they can access Employee Self-Service. You must migrate external users in Spectrum and not in Trimble Construction One (to do so, continue with step 4).
  4. To migrate external user accounts, your Spectrum administrator must complete the following steps:
    1. In Spectrum, select System Administration > Security > Operator Maintenance.
    2. Search for a specific operator, or select Go to view a list of all operators who are set up in the current company.
    3. In the list of operators, review the Trimble Construction One status column. This column indicates which accounts are ready to be migrated, which ones have already been migrated, and which accounts require attention before being migrated.
      Tip: You can sort by the Trimble Construction One status column to quickly locate records with a status of Ready to be migrated.
    4. Select all active users whose accounts you want to migrate.
    5. Select the Migrate Operators to Trimble Construction One button in the upper right of the Operator Maintenance screen.

      This action sends the selected operators an invitation to join Trimble Construction One and create their account.

    6. When the account migration process is finished, the Trimble Construction One status column will update to reflect the new status for each migrated operator account.