What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2021 R5

The HR Management for Spectrum 2021 R5 release includes an enhanced mobile user experience, Form I-9 improvements, and the ability to edit tasks after initializing a new hire to Spectrum.

Mobile Improvements

Significant enhancements were made to the mobile user interface, including improved resizing and rendering of application pages when viewed in a mobile browser and optimized viewing of PDF forms on larger screens.

Form I-9 Enhancements

On the PDF version of Form I-9, the documents that establish identity and employment authorization, as shown in List A on page 3, are now available from the Document Title drop-down field on page 2. This form enhancement applies to new hires who are onboarded in the R5 version or later of HR Management. For new hires who completed Form I-9 in a prior version, the previous form options remain.

Edit Tasks After Initializing an Employee

HR managers or hiring managers (Manage New Hires permission) can now edit tasks after a new hire record is initialized to Spectrum. On the New Hire Details page:
  • The new hire's status remains as Initialized even if tasks are edited.
  • The task Status column is updated as necessary to reflect whether modifying tasks renders them incomplete (Status shows an orange check mark) or complete (Status shows a green check mark).