What's New in HR Management for Spectrum 2024 R4

The 2024 R4 release of HR Management for Spectrum introduces the option to show union details on pay stubs. This release is available as of 4/16/24.

Show Union Details on Pay Stubs

A new Earnings Setting allows you to provide union members with more details in the gross pay section of their pay stubs. Details include their union name, wage code description, and level. For example, Local #175, Carpenter, Level 1.

To enable this setting, go to Admin Settings > Earnings Settings, and select the checkbox for Show union description, wage code description, and level # under the new Union Detailed Earnings Descriptions header. See Configure Earnings Settings for more details.

Pay Stub Improvements

Full details now display in the Deductions and Add-Ons sections of employee pay stubs. Previously, the Deductions and Add-Ons sections were limited to 11 lines.

  • For Deductions, full details include tax withholding by jurisdiction.

  • For Add-Ons, employees will now see as many additional earnings lines as needed. You will also notice that add-ons not included in the employee's net pay (but listed for informational purposes) are now marked with an asterisk (*).

These changes affect both the HTML and PDF versions of employee pay stubs. See the Pay Stubs Page for more information.