Review the Error Log

The Error Log lists all errors, including the error ID, user name, date logged, and error message.

Only System Admins can access the Error Log.
  1. To open the Error Log, select Admin > Error Log.
    The Error Log can also be viewed from the main Portal Settings page. For more information about this page, see Manage Portal Settings.
  2. Use the filters at the top of the page to filter by specific Error ID, User Name, date range, or Error Message text.
  3. To view additional details for an error, select the View Error Info button for that message.
    Additional details include User, Error Message, and Stack Track.
    Note: Please include the full error log detail if you need to submit a case to the Viewpoint Customer Portal for assistance resolving an error.
  4. To download Error Log entries, select Export.

    This downloads the last 100 error messages recorded in the log in an Excel file.

    Tip: You can attach this file to Support cases you submit to the Viewpoint Customer Portal.