Applicant Tracking Multi-Company Guide

If your Vista configuration has more than one company, consider the following tips when setting up Applicant Tracking.

When creating job categories, you can add a prefix that indicates the company number or name. For example: 01-Applicant. To edit an existing job category:
  1. Select Employee Tools > Hiring Process Builder.
  2. Select the Profile / Job Category.
  3. Select Manage Profile > Profile Settings.
  4. Add the prefix to the Profile Name.
  5. Select Save.
    Note: Companies are assigned when you add your job company or when editing the job category on the Profile Settings pop-up.
When creating job templates, you can add your company prefix to template names. To edit an existing job template:
  1. Select Employee Tools > Job Templates.
  2. Select the Edit button for a template.
  3. Add the prefix to the Template Name.
  4. Select Save.
Note: Job templates are assigned to a Job Category. If you have already re-named your job categories, you can follow the same naming pattern for job templates.
Note: If you need to re-use a template for another company, you can choose that template from the Prefill From Existing Job Template dropdown and assign it under the appropriate job category.
When creating a job requisition, you can add the company name to the job title.
Note: Category (Job Category) is a column on the Job Requisition page. You can sort by this column or draf the column header bar to easily group by columns. Select Grid Layout > Save Grid Layout to keep your changes.
If you want to create company-specific links to your jobs, see Create Company-Specific Links for your External Careers Page.