Configure the Report Library

The Reports module allows the Bulletin Admin to share reports from your report server with users assigned to a reports category. You must be assigned as a System Admin in the portal to complete this configuration.

Before you can use Reports features, your System Admin must complete required configuration steps in the HR Management web application.
Important: The Report Library allows you to run your own custom reports via a web interface and does not come with any preloaded reports. You must set up your own report server before you can use the Report Library.
  1. Select Admin > Admin Roles.
  2. Assign the users who will maintain your Reports Library the Bulletin Admin role. See Assign Admin Roles for details.
    This user has permission to create report categories, add reports from your report server to HR Management, and modify parameters for those reports.
    The Bulletin Admin also has privileges in the Document Library module, if it has been enabled.
    Note: If you have assigned yourself as the Bulletin Admin, you will need to log out and log back in to access your new permissions.
  3. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Document Library > Report Library.
  4. Enable the portal setting Restrict Export of Reports from Report Library.
    This setting restricts users from downloading or exporting reports generated in HR Management.
  5. To access reports from your report server, you must link your report server to your portal.
    Instructions for this process are maintained on the Viewpoint Customer Portal. See the article titled: How to Link Vista SSRS with the Portal Report Library | KDSUser Account (article number: 000070331).