Approve Time as a Timecard Manager

The Timecard Approval page allows those assigned as Managers to review and approve timecards for those they are assigned.

  1. If you have items to approve there will be a red number next to Approval in your portal navigation bar. To review timecards pending your review, select Approval > Timecard Approval.
  2. Select the Company and Pay Period of the users you want to review.
  3. If it is not already defaulted, select Unapproved Only from the Status dropdown to limit your view to only those timecards that you need to approve.
  4. To search for a specific user, enter the user's name in the Search field. A Crew filter is available to managers with access to crews if the Grid Timecard setting Enable Copy by Crew has been selected.
    Note: You may have time to approve in multiple payroll groups and/or pay periods.
  5. Each employee is shown with a single summary line. If an employee has multiple cards (their time is entered on multiple crew cards or from the mobile app), you can select the employee to view a summary of each template.
  6. Options on the grid allow you to do the following:
    • To access the timecard itself, select View.
    • To see the date the card was submitted or the date a card was approve (if reviewing approved time) select History.
    • To see a full Job Line Summary, Hours by Earn Code, Clock In / Clock Out Times, and hours allocated by day for all timecards submitted select Review and Approve All. To see only one template summary, select Review & Approve on the line for that template.
      • If you approve, select Approve.
      • If the timecard needs to be modified select Reject. When a Timecard is rejected, the timecard is unsubmitted and a notification may be sent to the user and/or the user who submitted the timecard depending on what is enabled in your portal.