Sync Approval Status to PR Timecard Batch

You can have the portal submission and approval actions post directly to the timecard batch on each line item. This will allow you to filter and sort by status.

In addition to using the Timecard Dashboard, this can help isolate unapproved and unsubmitted timecards in the PR Timecard Entry batch in Vista.

To enable this functionality, add a user-defined field to the PR Timecard Entry form called udApprovalStatus (for Job Approval, name it udJobApprovalStatus). The input length for the field must be 15 characters.

Important: After adding a user-defined field, you must Refresh Synonyms in the portal (go to Admin > Portal Settings). Timecards cannot be approved without refreshing synonyms.
UD FieldPortal ActionStatus in UD Field
udApprovalStatusTimecard is submittedSubmitted
Timecard is approve on Timecard Approval pageApproved
Timecard is rejected / unsubmittedUnsubmitted
Timecard is unapprovedSubmitted
udJobApprovalStatusTimecard is submittedBlank
Timecard is approved on Job Time Approval pageApproved
Timecard is rejected / unsubmittedRejected
Timecard is unapprovedSubmitted