Timecard Safety Net User Guide

If timecard lines have been deleted accidentally and you need to restore them, follow the steps below.

How to Restore Deleted Timecard Lines

  1. Batch Preparation
    • If the entire batch was cleared and canceled, use the Timecard Dashboard to create a new batch that the timecard lines will be restored to.
    • If the lines were removed from a batch that still exists, skip to step 2.
  2. Log into the portal as a Timecard Admin or System Admin.
  3. Navigate to Employee Tools > Safety Net.
  4. Select the company to restore from.
  5. Select the Batch ID you're restoring from, and the batch you're restoring to. If restoring lines to an existing batch, then Batch From and Batch To will be the same Batch ID.
  6. All deleted items from the selected "Batch From" will be visible in the grid below. Use the checkboxes to indicate which items you'd like to restore, or simply click the top checkbox to select all. When you've selected all relevant items, select Restore Items.
  7. The restored items are now back in Vista within the "Batch To". You'll no longer see them in the Safety Net. You can open up the batch in Vista to confirm.

Useful Information

  • The data is captured using a custom trigger on the Vista table bPRTB.
  • The safety net data is held based on the portal setting Number of days to keep Timecard Safety Net data (Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup > Advanced Configuration)
    Note: Changes to this setting will not update the Safety Net feature until the next day.
  • The safety net data is stored within the KDS-HRIM database in the TimecardSafetyNet table.