Issues Fixed in HR Management for Vista 2021 R2

The following issues were fixed in the HR Management for Vista R2 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Printing manually attached W-2s for employees who had opted out of W-2 Paperless Delivery Consent. 101176
For companies using direct login URLs, resolved issue submitting support requests. 100756
UD fields were missing for first-time installations of the portal and Vista 2020 R2. 101349


Issues Fixed Issue #
Exempt checkbox was not showing in Personal Info Approval. 100757
Users were unable to submit a change to dependents without an attachment when portal setting New dependents require attachment documentation was enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Dependents > General Configuration).
Note: If attachments are required, users can no longer save information for a new dependent unless they add an attachment in the Add New Dependent window.


Issue Fixed Issue #
Uploading multiple credit card expense rows was timing out when portal setting Notify Credit Card Users When Transactions are Uploaded was enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Expense > Credit Card). 101139
Unapproved invoices were assigned a reviewer group in the portal when a job did not have a default invoice reviewer group. 101123
Credit Card Import page would not load. 101137

Onboarding / Applicant Tracking

Note: Removed First Name and Last Name from Onboarding invitation.
Issues Fixed Issue #
Improved Applicant Search performance. 101106
Fixed issue sorting Action Items on the Applicant Detail page. 101156
Improved Onboarding Dashboard performance. 101202
View in JobTarget button was not displaying on the Job Requisitions Detail page for job requisitions pushed to JobTarget. 100288
Employer's Zip Code was missing from Employer's name and address field when completing step 2 of Form W-4. 101150

Performance Reviews

Note: Removed First Name and Last Name from Onboarding invitation.
Issues Fixed Issue #
Performance Review Templates page was missing the option to upload a new RDL report. 100916
Performance Review Lookups were not sorting properly.


Issue Fixed Issue #
Time worked for the last day of the pay period was unavailable for validation. 101180
Users were unable to enter daily grid timecards when portal setting Restrict all timecards if one timecard template is locked for an employee was enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Timecard > Advanced Configuration). 101158
Users could submit timecards that were not balanced with the hours in the Time Worked Grid when the following portal settings were enabled: Show Timecard Review Screen Prior to Submission / Approval and Enable Time Worked Validation. 101195
Timecard lines were retaining Job GL CO after Job value was cleared. 101047