Install the Vista-Team Connector

You need to install the Vista-Team Connector to be able to use Viewpoint Team.

CAUTION: Before you continue, make sure you have updated the Vista database server with the Project communications Database file as described in Update the Vista Database with the Project Communications Database File. Updating the Vista-Team Connector without also updating Project Communications Database could result in data loss.
Locate the Vista_Team_Connector_x.x.x.x.exe file that you downloaded from Viewpoint Customer Portal.
  1. Double-click the Vista_Team_Connector_x.x.x.x.exe file on your web server to run the installation wizard.
    It may take a few minutes for the system to prepare the wizard.
  2. In the Vista-Team Connector Installshield Wizard window, click Next.
    The Database Server window appears.
  3. In the Database server that you are installing to field, enter the name of the server where the Viewpoint database is located or click Browse to locate the server.
  4. Select the Server authentication using the Login ID and password below option.
    The Login ID field defaults to sa.
    Note: If you do not know the password for the sa account, and you are using a login with Windows authentication, select the Windows authentication credentials of current user option.
  5. In the Name of the database catalog field, leave the default of Viewpoint or click Browse to search for the database name if it is not Viewpoint, and then click Next.
  6. In the Shared Viewpoint Repository Directory window, enter the server location of the Viewpoint Repository, and then click Next.
    The Viewpoint Repository directory should be on the system where the Vista Server and Services are installed.
  7. In the Custom Setup window, click Next for a standard installation.
  8. In the Connector Site Setup window, in the Server URL and SSL Port Number fields, accept the defaults or enter the port information for your web server that you recorded as part of Check Web Server Settings.
    The port number you enter in the SSL Port Number field must be available internally and externally (either side of your corporate firewall).
    Note: The Vista-Team Connector hosted on this firewall port utilizes access control to ensure only Viewpoint Team is able to communicate with your Vista server.

    Click Next to continue.

  9. In the Choose a Certificate window, specify an SSL certificate to use by doing one of the following:
    • Select a certificate from the Select a detected certificate field.
    • In the Or select a certificate file field, click Browse to look for a certificate.
    • Enter the certificate that you recorded as part of Check Web Server Settings.
    Note: For optimized security, you must purchase and install a minimum 256-bit SSL certificate from a certificate authority for the Vista-Team Connector endpoint. Self-signed certificates are not supported.
  10. If the certificate is password protected, enter the password in the Certificate file password field, and then click Next.
    Note: If you did not specify a valid SSL certificate, an error displays and you will be unable to complete installation.
  11. On the Ready to Install the Program window, click Install.
  12. When installation is complete, the InstallShield Wizard Completed window displays. Click Finish to close the wizard.

If you are updating the Vista-Team connector, follow the steps in Verify your Version of the Vista-Team Connector and verify that your system shows the newly installed version of the Vista-Team Connector.

If you are using Data Type Security in Vista and haven't done so already, configure that security to ensure successful integration between Viewpoint Team™ and Vista. For details, see Configure Datatype Security in Vista.