Set Form Template Permissions

Enterprise and Project Administrators can set permissions to individual user roles for either an existing form template or a new form template. These permissions cover access to viewing, creating, editing, and deleting forms.

  1. On the project dashboard page, go to Manage All Projects.
    The Projects list page appears, showing every project that's been enabled for your enterprise.
  2. Under the Project Forms column, ensure that the check box is selected next to the project(s) that you want enabled for forms creation.
  3. Select the settings icon , and then select Project Administration.
    The Form Templates page appears.
  4. Perform one of the following:
    • Select an existing form template by going to Custom Forms.
    • Create a new form template by going to Template Builder.
  5. Select Set Form Permissions.
    The Form Permissions dialog box displays.
  6. Select the role drop down arrow and set the permissions per each role.
    Tip: You can grant permissions or restrict access to each role listed. The permissions granted display next to the role name.
  7. Once you are finished, select Save.
    Note: If you are modifying an existing template, changing permissions will affect any new and existing instances of the form.