Add a New Contact on the Fly on a Submittal

When you select the submitter, reviewer, or approver on a submittal, you can add a new contact on the fly if the contact you want does not exist in Viewpoint Team™.

When you create a new contact and invite them from a submittal, the contact receives an email with a link to the project. If they don't already have a Viewpoint Team™ account, they are prompted to create one. You can add a new contact on the fly as part of the following tasks:

  1. While adding or editing a submittal, click in the Submitter, Reviewer, or Approver field.
  2. Click New Contact.
  3. (Required) In the First Name field, enter the contact's first name.
  4. In the Last Name field, enter the contact's last name.
  5. (Required) In the Company field, enter the name of the company where the contact works.
  6. (Required) In the Email Address field, enter the contact's email address.
  7. In the Invitee Permissions field, select the type of access the contact should have to Viewpoint Team™.
    Note: See Project Roles for details.
  8. Click Continue.
The contact is added to the submittal, an email is sent inviting them to the project, and you can continue adding or editing the submittal.