Review Additional Settings: Administration / Initial Setup

As part of your initial setup, review and update portal settings under Administration / Initial Setup.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup.
  2. Select General Configuration
  3. Review the following settings:
    Note: Some options are visible only if you have selected Show Advanced Settings at the top of the Portal Settings page.
    • Company Number to use for Company Logo:
      • If you have multiple companies in your portal, but you would like to use only one specific logo for all companies, enter that company number in this setting.
      • The logo is based on the logo assigned to that company in Vista's HQ Company Setup (Vista > Headquarters > Programs > HQ Company Setup > Add'l Info tab
      • The logo appears on the login page and as the thumbnail in the navigation bar.
      • If you leave this setting blank, the logo on the login page is based on the selected company; the logo on the Welcome page is based on the logged in user's Payroll Company.
    • Country Code for date format: Select United States, Australia, or Canada.
    • Feedback email address: Enter the email address to use in the To field for emails sent using the Feedback? option.
      • The Feedback? option displays under the user's name in the navigation bar.
      • Typically, feedback emails are sent to an internal email address for the IT department or help desk.
    • Help Link:
      • If you have a Help site for your company or a place where you can post your own documentation, enter that URL in this setting.
      • The Help option displays under the user's name in the navigation bar. If you leave this setting blank, the Help option does not display.
    • Largest size (in pixels) of an image side uploaded to the Portal: Enter the largest size allowed for an image uploaded to your portal.
      • Images larger than this size will be re-sized (equally). Images smaller than this size retain their size when uploaded.
      • This setting prevents extremely large images from being uploaded.
      • The default in this setting is about page size.
    • Portal Heading in top navigation bar: Enter the name to use for your portal.
      • This name appears in the navigation bar, on the tab header, and at the bottom of emails sent from the portal.
      • If your portal is used for multiple companies or multiple purposes, choose a more generic name. For example, Employee Portal.