Access Work Orders from the Service Manger Dashboard

Use the Service Manager Dashboard to search for and access work orders and create and reassign trips.

  1. Select Field Service > Service Manager Dashboard.
  2. Select a trip date range using the From Trip Date and To Trip Date fields.
  3. Select a Company from the drop-down.
  4. Use the fields in the dashboard header to search or filter for work orders as follows:
    • Use the Search box to search for a work order by customer name.
    • Filter your search by Service Center, Customer name, Service Site, Call Type, Work Scopes, or Technicians.
    Note: You can filter by Service Site without first selecting a customer. If you select a customer who does not have service sites, the Service Site filter will not be available.
  5. To include closed work orders in your search, select the Include Closed Work Orders check box.
  6. Select the Apply Search Filters button to refresh the dashboard each time you make new filter selections or enter a new search term.
    Note: You must select a Company in order for the Apply Search Filters button to be available.
  7. In the list of work orders that displays:
    Note: To reassign trips, users must be part of the employee group assigned to the portal setting User Group to allow adding and editing of work order header information located under Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > General Configuration.