Create / Submit Regulatory Filings using Aatrix

You can use Aatrix to create and submit your company's Federal and state regulatory reports and electronic files.

  • You must have Aatrix installed on your local workstation. For more information, see Enabling Aatrix on a workstation and About Regulatory Reporting Using Aatrix.
  • For state and/or local payroll regulatory filings, you must enter the Aatrix Tax Type in each applicable deduction or liability code in the PR Deductions/Liabilities form (Addl Info tab).
  • If your state requires additional employee data unique to certain regulatory reports (for example, the 7-digit NAICS, Corporate Officer identification, and Coverage Types needed for Wyoming unemployment reporting), you must set up Aatrix IDs to identify that data and the associated values. For more information, see Set up Aatrix IDs for State Regulatory Reporting.

Important: The Aatrix application does not send data back to Vista. If you discover errors and make corrections in Vista, you must re-upload the data to Aatrix.

To create and submit regulatory reports and electronic files using Aatrix:

  1. From the main menu, select Payroll > Programs > PR Aatrix Report Selection.
  2. In the Tax Year field, enter the reporting tax year
  3. From the Federal/State drop-down (to the right of the tax year), select Federal or the reporting state.
    The Form Type field displays the relevant Federal or state regulatory forms/reports.
  4. Select the desired regulatory form/report.
    The Date Filter section displays date or period options relevant to the form/report you selected.
  5. Enter or select the appropriate date(s) or period.
  6. Select Continue to launch the Aatrix Wizard.
  7. Follow the prompts in the Aatrix wizard to complete the process.
    Note: As you run through the wizard, you can enter data directly into the selected form. Some validation and calculations are provided for you. You must resolve any areas highlighted in red before you can complete your filing. For zero values highlighted in red, if those values are correct, you must manually enter 0.00 in those fields to validate the zero value. Otherwise, enter the correct value.