Create and Manage Talking Points

A talking point is the instruction or information that can be added to a huddle. Any huddle user will be able to create a talking point, but only a Huddle Admin will be able to create a Global Talking point, or a talking point available to all huddle users.

  1. Select Field Tools > Huddle Talking Points.
  2. To create a new Talking point, choose the Work Type from the Work Type drop-down that your new talking point will be assigned to, then select New Talking Point.
    • Select the appropriate phase from the Phase drop-down and name your Talking Point under Talking Point Title.
      • If your Talking Point needs to be defined further, you can enter a Related Task.
    • The Talking Point Body is where you can enter the core of your talking point data. If your talking point content is already included in a PDF, attach it in the Drop a file or Click to upload field, and the PDF will be easily visible under the body text when running a huddle.
    • If you are a Huddle Admin and you wish to make this Talking Point available to all huddle users, select Available to All Foremen.
    Note: You do not need to make a Talking Point global for a talking point to be available in a Global Huddle.
    • When you have finished, select Save.
  3. To modify an existing Talking Point, use the Work Type and Phase filter to find your talking point. Select your talking point to access the edit window. When you have finished making edits select Save.
  4. To delete a Talking point select delete on the far right of the talking point in the talking point grid.