Configure Daily Report Distribution

This article walks you through the steps to configure the Daily Report Distribution Feature.

Step 1) Assign Distribution in Vista.

To set-up the distribution workflow, go to PM Daily Logs in Vista and then click on the following icon

This will open up the Assign Distribution Defaults window in Vista. Here you can setup the contacts per Job that will be emailed the Daily Report through your Portal.

  1. Select where you will pull your contacts from in Vista to populate your list
  2. Add the ones you would like to send submitted daily reports to so they move from the left list to the right.
  3. Click apply in order to apply this distribution.

Step 2) Add Submitted details to your Daily Log

Add the following ud fields to PM Daily Logs in Vista:

  • udSubmittedOn
  • udSubmittedBy

Step 3) Portal Configuration

Edit the following setting found in Admin > Portal Settings > Daily Reports > Distribution:

  • Enable Daily Report Submission feature (requires UD field setup). This setting allows users to submit a daily log.

Edit the following advanced settings found in Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Daily Reports > Distribution:

  • Daily Report Distribution - Document Category. This setting defaults to DAILYLOG.
  • Daily Report Distribution - Document Type. This setting defaults to DAILYLOG.

How Does it Work?

The next time a user submits a Daily Report, they will see the following window in your Portal, allowing the user to select from your list of contacts, who they Daily Report will be emailed to.