Equipment Dashboard

Use the Equipment Dashboard to view, locate, transfer and receive equipment; open or review work orders; and update meters.

Access this page by selecting Field Tools > Equipment Dashboard.

General Options

From the Equipment Dashboard, users can perform the following tasks:
  • Locate equipment based on filters, including Company, Equipment Category, Location, Equipment, and Job.
  • Search for specific equipment using the Search box.
  • Bulk transfer equipment using the Transfer button.
  • Use the Action button for an item to view equipment information, open or review work orders, transfer individual pieces of equipment, update meters, and receive equipment.

Action Button

The following options are available from the Action button:

  • Equipment Information: Shows details about a piece of equipment, such as the location, category, department, and VIN or serial number.
  • Open/Review Work Order: Lists all work orders for a piece of equipment. See Work Orders for details.
  • Transfer Equipment: Allows you to transfer the selected equipment from one job or location to another. After the transfer is submitted, the Memo field on the Transfer Equipment window will show the name of the user who transferred the equipment.
  • Update Meters: Allows you to update the hour and/or odometer readings on the selected equipment.
  • Receive Equipment: Allows you to receive equipment by job location. You can also use the Receive Equipment window to search for and add other equipment to transfer.