Configure Field Apps

The Field Apps module allows users to save data collected in the field to user-defined (UD) tables and forms in Vista.

The Field Apps module is available to Trimble Construction One customers only. To use Field Apps, users must enable single sign-on for their VP user name (one-time setup). Anytime they intend to access Field Apps, users must log in to the portal with their Viewpoint ID. For help configuring a Viewpoint ID single sign-on account, see Configure Your SSO Account.

In addition, users must be given access to the UD tables and forms (and attachments where applicable) that they intend to update through the Field Apps module. Access to tables and forms is based on the Security Groups assigned to the user's VA User Profile. For more information, see Data Level Security for Custom Tables and Forms and About Adding Users to Security Groups.

  • Field Apps is for users who need access to UD forms on the web and who are not licensed Vista Web Office Tools users. Users who are licensed for Vista Web Office Tools will already have access to UD tables and forms in the web portal. See Vista Web Office Tools for more information.

  • Enabling the Field Apps module for a user assigns a Field Management license to that user. Field Apps users are listed on the License Count Report (sheet 3). To generate this report, select Export License Report from the Portal Settings page (Admin > Portal Settings).

  1. Select Admin > User Access.
  2. From the Module Bundle drop-down, select Field Tools.
  3. Scroll to locate a user name (or user names) in the grid, or use the filters at the top of the page to limit grid results. For example, you can filter grid results by PR Group or Employee Group. You can also search for users by name using the search field.
    Tip: Remember to select the Refresh Users button after you change a filter or enter text in the search field. For more details about the User Access page, see Assign Users Access to Modules.
  4. Select the Field Apps check box for all applicable users.
    This enables the Field Apps module for the selected users. Note that these users must log in to the portal with their Viewpoint ID in order to see the Field Apps option from the Field Tools menu.