Configure the Offline Time Clock Kiosk in the Portal

The Offline Time Clock Kiosk included with the Field Management mobile application allows employees to clock in and clock out of jobs and phases at job sites that have weak or non-existent mobile connectivity.

Before users can access the Offline Time Clock Kiosk, a System Admin must complete required configuration steps in the web portal.
Note: If you have not yet configured the mobile app for your portal or need instructions on how to give users access to the app, see Configure Field Management Mobile in the Portal. All Offline Time Clock Kiosk users (FM Kiosk Admins and employees) must have access to the FM Mobile app (User Access page) in order to use the Offline Time Clock Kiosk.
  1. To assign users as admins for the Offline Time Clock Kiosk, select Admin > User Access:
    1. From the Module Bundle drop-down, select Crew Timecard.
      The grid refreshes to show a list of employees based on the current filters. To limit the list of employee names shown, you can select different filters at the top of the page, or search for a user by name using the Search Users field. Then select the Refresh Users button to update the list of user names shown in the grid.
    2. For the users who will be assigned FM Kiosk Admin permissions:
      • Verify that each user has been assigned access to FM Mobile on the User Access page. FM Kiosk Admins are required to have a Field Management license and access to FM Mobile. The FM Kiosk Admin option is not available for users who do not have access to FM Mobile.

      • Select the FM Kiosk Admin check box for the users who should have permission to open and exit the Offline Kiosk on the mobile app. This employee is typically a foreperson or another supervisor at the job site who has access to FM Mobile.

        Note: If you remove FM Mobile access for a Kiosk Admin, that person's FM Kiosk Admin permission is removed automatically.
  2. With the User Access page still open, confirm permissions for employees (users who are not admins) who will clock in or out in the Offline Kiosk:
    • Employee users must be licensed users of the web portal before they can interact with the kiosk. They can be users of HR Management, Financial Controls, Field Management, or Vista Field Service.

  3. To configure photo settings for the Offline Time Clock Kiosk, select Admin > Portal Settings > Field Management Mobile:
    1. Expand the General Configuration section.
    2. The following two attachment types were created to use for start time and stop time photos and are auto-selected for customers. These settings allow photos to be saved and viewed from the Offline Time Clock Kiosk. Review these settings to ensure that each one has been added and shows a selected attachment type. If not, be sure to add and select an attachment type for each setting.
      • Attachment Type to use for Start time photos
      • Attachment Type to use for Stop time photos
      Important: Attachment Types are set up in Vista DM Attachment Types. If you want to purge profile photos after a certain amount of time, you can use the Months to Retain field on the DM Attachment Types form to establish a retention time. See Set Up Attachment Types in Vista Help for more details.
  4. To limit the users who can select start and stop times on the mobile app (including the Offline Kiosk):
    1. Set up an employee group to include those users. See Create Employee Groups for help.
    2. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Field Management Mobile > General Configuration, and assign that group to the portal setting Employee Group for restricted clock in/out.
      Users assigned to this group can clock in or out based strictly on the current time on the app. This permission follows the assignment of the logged-in user and not each individual employee that the user might have access to.
  5. In Grid Timecard Settings, select the Payroll companies and groups that will require photos when employees clock in or out in the Offline Time Clock Kiosk:
    Note: Each Payroll company and group combination can have a different setup. Be sure to repeat the following steps for each Payroll company and group combination that should require photos in the Offline Time Clock Kiosk.
    1. Select Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Settings.
    2. In the header, select a Company and PR Group, and then select the FM Mobile Options button.
    3. To require that a picture be taken when an employee clocks in or out, select the check box for Require photo on FM Offline Kiosk (defaults to selected).
      Note: This option follows the logged-in FM Kiosk Admin and not the PRCo or PR Group of each employee that is clocking in or out on the kiosk.
In the Offline Time Clock Kiosk, FM Kiosk Admins can configure Admin Settings specific to the Offline Kiosk. See Configure Admin Settings in the Offline Time Clock Kiosk for details.