Create and Modify Progress Entry

The Progress Entry module allows you to create and submit a Progress Entry batch from Field Management.

You can use the Progress Entry page to start a new progress entry or resume a progress entry that has not yet been submitted.
  1. Select Field Tools > Progress Entry.
  2. To continue a progress entry that has not yet been submitted, locate that entry in the grid, and select Resume Progress Entry for that line.
  3. To start a new progress entry:
    1. From the Select a Job drop-down, choose the job for the progress entry.
    2. Select a Date for the progress entry (defaults to today's date).
    3. After your have confirmed the job and date, select Start Progress Entry.
  4. On the Edit Progress Entry page, you can filter the list of entries shown using the Phase, Cost Type, and Contract Item drop-down fields, or you can select all phases, cost types, or contract items.
    Note: PRCo and PR Crew columns show on the Edit Progress Entry page only if you have enabled Post Crew with progress entry is enabled on the JC Company Parameters page in Vista.
  5. Enter your updates in the Newly Completed, Total Completed, and Total Completed % fields.
    Note: If you have enabled the portal setting Only Allow Entry in Newly Completed Field, users may enter updates in the Newly Completed field only. The Total Completed and Total Completed % fields display but are not available for entries.
  6. If enabled, you can use the Notes field to add notes for a phase.
  7. If enabled, the Last Edited by column displays the name of the user who made the most recent change to a phase.
  8. To undo any changes made on this page, select the Reset Entry Values button.
  9. To cancel a progress entry, select the drop-down arrow for Reset Entry Values, and then select Cancel Progress Entry.
  10. To save your entries without submitting, select Save Progress Entry.
    You can return to the entry at a later time by selecting Resume Progress Entry for the applicable line on the Progress Entry page.
  11. When you have completed a progress entry, select Submit Progress Entry.

    Progress Entry batches are submitted to Vista and can be found in HQ Batch Control with an attached audit report. The Progress Entry Audit Report shows the company, month, and batch ID and provides information on the phases that were updated in the batch. This report is also attached to the HQ Batch Control record in Vista after users approve a ticket in the web portal or submit production from the Field Management Mobile app.

    Note: Permission to submit progress entries may be restricted based on portal settings. If you do not see the Submit Progress Entry button, you do not have permission to submit. However, the batch remains on the Progress Entry page.