Configure Expenses on Timecards

Standard and Grid Timecards can be configured to allow users to make basic amount-based entries (also referred to as expense inputs).

Note: You must configure the Standard Timecard or Grid Timecard and enable the Earn Code field (see Grid Timecard Settings). The Earn Code field will allow the user to change the line from a time entry to an amount entry.
  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Expense Entry.
  2. Identify amount-based earn codes in the portal setting Earn Codes to accept Amount Based Entry for Expense Input.
    Enabling this setting allows users to input amount-based entries in the Hours column of a timecard.
    • Amounts will show in the Exp Amt (Expense Amount) column of the processed timecard reports and the Amounts field in Vista PR Timecard Entry.
    • The Exp Amt column will show up on processed timecard reports for all earn codes but will remain blank for non-expense entries.

    To list multiple earn codes, enter a comma between each one.

  3. For Standard Timecards, you can enable users to add attachments with the portal setting Timecard Attachment Mode.
    • The default setting is No Attachments.
    • To allow users to add attachments to all lines, change the setting to All Lines.
    • If you only want users to add attachments to expense lines, enter Expense Lines.