Grid Timecard Settings

To begin configuring Grid Timecard settings, you must follow the steps below.

  • Company & PR Group: All Timecard Settings are set by Payroll Company and Group, allowing you to have a different setup for each Payroll Company combination.
  • Import Settings: This allows you to copy / import the settings you have setup from a different PR Company and Group.
  • Submission Questions: This setting will allow you to add questions to the submission on the Grid Timecard and Mobile App. Users will only see these questions if time is submitted individually (instead of multiple employees at the same time). There are three different Response Type options you can choose from:
    • Text: users will need to enter text in this question before submission
    • Text (Optional): users will have the option to enter text but it will not be required for submission
    • Yes/No: users will be able to respond yes or no when submitting time.

    Mobile example:

    Grid example:

  • FM Mobile Options: If you are using the Field Management Mobile App, this setting will determine the Mobile Line Types enabled per Payroll Company and Payroll Group and other options such as whether to Allow PR Department Edits on Overhead Lines and whether to Require photos in the FM Offline Kiosk (if enabled). For more information on the configuration for the Field Management Mobile App, see Configure Field Management Mobile in the Portal.
  • Frozen Columns (Grid Timecard): This setting allows you to determine which columns in your Grid Timecard are frozen by entering the column number.
    • This only affects your crew card when open on a desktop computer, if opened on a tablet or phone the portal will only freeze the first column. This is to stop the entire page from being filled with frozen columns which would prevent the user from accessing all columns.

      Note: Only fields in the Row Groups will be frozen.
  • Default Line Type: If you have enabled fields for an SM Card or a Mechanic Card, a dropdown will appear at the top of the Grid Timecard. This allows you to set a default for your users in this Payroll Company and Group.
  • Time Worked Enabled: If you want to capture start / stop time, you may enable this setting.

    • When enabled, start and stop time is saved into PR Employee Daily Time in Vista.
    • If you have enabled any Time Clock features, this will populate the clocked in and out times. (See Configure Time Worked for more information.)
  • Job Approval Enabled: By selecting this you are enabling Job Approval for this Payroll Company and Group. See Review Timecards in Job Approval for more information.
  • Frozen Columns (Job Approval): When approving in Job Approval, you may want to freeze certain columns. Use this setting to freeze columns for this Company and Payroll Group's Job Approval page. The first column is the buttons to approve/reject/reset approval for a line.
  • Field Ticket Template: If you are using the Field Ticket, this allows you to assign a specific template for the Field Ticket.
  • Require signature on submitted: Enable this feature if you want to require signatures when submitting time on the Grid Timecard. If enabled, those entering for others will need to filter by employee to allow each employee to sign. For more details see How to Sign a Grid Timecard.
  • Enable Copy by Crew: If enabled users will be able to add employees to the FM Grid Timecard and FM Field Tickets based on crew assignments. Enable to filter grid timecard by crews. This setting also allows multiple employees to be selected in the Employee dropdown menu. When a crew is selected, all employees in that crew are auto selected in the Employee filter.To include this feature in your portal see Crew Configuration.
    Note: This feature is only available in Field Management.
  • Field Name: This column shows a list of all available fields in Vista's PR Timecard Entry. These fields include user defined fields. Any of these fields can be added to the portal's timecard. You will only see fields included in the Grid Timecard Layouts in this grid.
  • Rename: When you click on Rename, it allows you to change the display name of the specified column in the portal.
  • Visibility: You have three options:
    • Editable: Fields that are editable will appear on the Grid Timecard and the users with access will be able to enter in that field.
    • Editable - Large Dataset: If your lookup for a particular field is very large, so much so that it disrupts input, select this visibility mode. Instead of loading all options, users will need to enter three characters (numbers or letters) to then pull a smaller list to choose from.
    • Read Only: You can choose to make any field read only, however if you do not set a new line behavior it may not populate.
  • Job Approval Visibility: This setting allows you to determine which columns can be seen and/or edited in Job Approval. See Review Timecards in Job Approval for more information.
  • In New Line Behavior (not available for all fields), indicate how (or if) a field should prefill when it is added to a grid timecard line by selecting one of the following options:
    • Blank: Leaves the field blank when it is added with a new timecard line.
    • Previous Value: Populates the field from the entry on the previous timecard line. This can be helpful if users are likely to enter multiple lines with similar information.
    • Employee Default: Populates the field with the default assigned on the PR Employee record in Vista. This option applies to the following fields only: Cert, Class, Craft, Crew, EarnCode, EMCo, Equipment, JCCo, Job, PRDept, Shift, SMCo, and TaxState.
      Note: The SMCo field (requires a lookup) pulls the default from the SM Technician record in Vista. For help setting up the SMCo lookup, see Create an SM Company Lookup.
  • Advanced:

    • Auto Select 1st: When this setting is checked, the first item on a dropdown that returns a single value will be auto selected. This does not apply to dropdowns that return more than one value.
    • Required: If a field is required, users will not be able to submit or save a line without this field being filled out. Fields that Vista's PR Timecard Entry form requires will be checked and grayed out.
    • Width: You can manually adjust a field's width (size is in pixels, 150 is standard).
    • Dependent Fields: Fields that are affected if this field is changed (for example, equipment items change when a different equipment company is selected).
      • This field populates with Vista defaults. If you clear all dependencies from a field and save, defaults are added back in automatically.
      • To remove all dependencies from a field, including defaults, enter "," in Dependent Fields, and save your changes.
      Note: If you modify this field by accident, you can select Reset Default on the Timecard Settings page.

    • Line Types: you can choose which Line Types this field will appear on (ex: Job will only show on Job & Mechanic cards). To make Line Types available on a Grid Timecard, see Configure Service Fields on a Grid Timecard and Configure Mechanic Fields on a Grid Timecard.
    • Reset Default: if you wish to revert a field to its default settings, select Reset to Default and any advanced settings will be reset.