Timecard Dashboard

The Timecard Dashboard gives the Timecard Admin a way to quickly view the status and details of all timecards entered in a Pay Period.

Location: Employee Tools > Timecard Dashboard

The Timecard Admin must have access to the Timecard or Grid Timecard to be able to view timecards entered in those modules.

Tip: Filter grid columns by selecting the More options icon in the column header, then select Filter from the submenu, and enter your filter criteria or text.
Company & Pay Period

The Companies and Pay Periods available are limited based on the permission assigned to the Timecard Admin in Admin Roles (Admin > Admin Roles).

In the Pay Period dropdown you can select a Pay Period from the following sections:

  • Active Portal Batches:
    These batches were opened from the portal, either automatically or manually. In parentheses is the PR Timecard Entry batch number and the VA username of the user who opened the batch from the portal.
    Note: If the batch was automatically opened the server name will appear as the user who opened the batch.
  • Active Pay Period – Closed Batches: These pay periods were opened in the portal but are now closed. In parenthesis is the batch number of the previously closed batch and the VA username of the user who opened the batch.
  • Active Portal Period – No Portal Batches: These pay periods are open in Vista but do not have a batch
  • Closed Pay Periods: These batches were opened in the portal and are now closed. Timecard Admins can see details of the past cards but cannot modify them.
Timecard Template

This filter allows you to filter by the Timecard Template.

  • If you are using the Mobile App, this will allow you to filter to the timecard lines submitted by a Mobile user on a specific day (shown in a Grid Timecard).
  • If you are using Field Tickets, this will allow you to filter by timecard lines entered/submitted on a ticket.
  • If you are entering time on a Grid Timecard you can filter by timecard templates.
SearchAllows you to search for a specific employee by their name or employee number.
Batch Action

If you select the Batch Action button when the Pay Period select is an Active Pay Period – Closed Batch or Active Portal period – No Portal Batch you will be able to select Open New Batch. If you select Batch Action on an Active Portal Batch you will be able to do the following:

  • Lock All Employees: This will prevent users from editing timecards in the portal for non-submitted timecards. This process can also be set to be done automatically by configuring portal setting Hours from 12:00 AM to Close the Portal on the PR End Date. When the portal is locked, the Allow Entry? column will show this icon:
  • Unlock All Employees: If you have locked your portal (preventing users from modifying unsubmitted timecards) this action allows you to unlock them.
  • Send Email Reminder: Allows you to send reminder emails to users who have not yet submitted their timecards (Remind Unsubmitted), to managers who have not yet approved the timecards assigned to them (Remind Managers), or to employees and managers at once (Remind All). Emails are sent to managers once every 24 hours based on portal settings found under Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > Timecard Settings.
  • Export Submitted Timecards (PDF): Creates a PDF of all submitted timecards. This option is also available for closed (processed) pay periods. Timecards that were submitted will include the signature (if enabled) and who approved the timecard (if approved).
    Note: Timecard Admins can choose to order exported timecards by either Employee Number or Last Name, First Name in the generated report.
  • Export Submitted Timecards (ZIP): Creates a ZIP folder of all submitted timecards. This option is also available for closed (processed) pay periods. Timecards that were submitted will include the signature (if enabled), and who approved the timecard (if approved).
  • Create Lines from Clock-Ins: This feature only appears if you have enabled the ability to create submitted / unsubmitted Timecard lines from clock-in entries. See Time Clock for more details on this process.
  • Export Timecard Audit (PDF): Creates a PDF version of the audit report of all timecard lines per submission status per employee.
  • Export Timecard Audit (XLS): Creates an Excel version (.xls) of the audit report of all timecard lines per submission status per employee.
Hide ApprovedAllows you to easily filter your dashboard to only unsubmitted and unapproved timecards.
Quick Filter

Allows you to easily filter your dashboard to display timecards in the following categories:

  • Disputed Time Only: If you have enabled users to be able to sign their timecards, they will have the option to mark yes or no to a submission acknowledgment. If they have marked no, you will be able to filter to these timecards and see the notes entered with this filter option.
  • Submitted Without Signature: Allows you to view any timecard that was submitted without a signature.
  • Unlocked Time Only: Allows you to see all unlocked timecards.
  • Locked Time Only: Allows you to see all locked timecards.

The dashboard allows you to see all timecards entered for each employee. The Actions column allows you to perform several actions on any timecard per employee.

  • Lock: prevents user from editing a specific timecard.
  • Unlock: if you have already locked the batch or a specific card, you can unlock a timecard.
    Note: Time entered in the portal is always editable in the VVista batch. Locking and Unlocking is specifically for the portal.
  • Submit: if a timecard has not yet been submitted, you can submit the timecard. This will allow those assigned to approve the timecard.
  • Clone: allows you to clone from a previous timecard. If lines currently exist on the timecard, they will be overwritten.
  • Clear: clears all time from the card for this user.
  • Remind: sends a reminder to the user, if the timecard is not submitted, or a reminder to the approver if time is not yet approved.
  • Reviewers: allows you to see each person assigned as the Manager and where the assignment is made.
  • Change Batch: allows you to move the time entered into another Vista Batch. The batch must already exist in Vista for the same pay period and payroll group. After time is moved out of the portal batch, it is no longer accessible in the portal.
Template (Entered By)The Grid Timecard, Field Ticket Timecard, and time entered from the Mobile app all are entered into a template. This column allows you to see details about the template as well as who has entered it.
Card HRS vs Total HRSCard hours indicates how many hours are entered in a specific timecard for the employee. The total hours is the sum of hours entered for that employee for the pay period. If the user has time in a Vista batch outside of the portal batch, or any lines posted in Vista, these hours will also be counted into the total hours.
Card OTThe Card OT (or Overtime) column will populate hours entered in an overtime earn code. The portal will only know if the earncode is overtime if it is entered in portal setting Overtime Earn Code. If there are multiple overtime earncodes, they will be added together.
Leave Audit

The Leave Audit Column allows you to cross reference leave that was entered on a Timecard and what was approved in the Time-Off module. This column only appears if it has been enabled, see Timecard Initial Setup for more detail.

Note: Approved Time-Off will only update if Time-Off is linked to HR Resources.
  • Negative Red Number indicates a user has entered more them than approved by their Time-Off Manager.
  • Positive Red Number indicates a user did not enter all the approved time off.
  • Green Zero indicates either the leave entered was approved or no leave was entered.
Allow EntryAllows you to see if the card is locked or not. Cards can be unlocked by the batch or by the individual timecard.
  • A red x indicates that the timecard has not been submitted
  • A Green check indicates that the timecard has been submitted. To see when the card was submitted and by whom, select the history button.
  • A Red arrow indicates that the timecard was rejected. If you select on it you can see who rejected the card.
  • A red x indicates the timecard manager is assigned and has not yet approved the card.
  • A gray x indicates that a timecard manager is not assigned.
  • A green check mark means that the card has been approved by the timecard Manager.
  • A gray x indicates that the manager approval was triggered but no Manager is assigned.
Approval NotesFor approved timecards, this column shows any notes that were added to the Memo field for that timecard during Timecard Approval. Select a note to view the text in a pop-up window.
Job Approval

The Job Approval column will only appear if Job Approval has been enabled. For details see Configure Job Approval.

  • An x with a circle around it means that the Timecard has time entered on jobs and has not yet been approved (finalized and confirmed).
  • A green check means all time entered on Job lines has been approved.
  • If this column is blank there is not Job Approval assigned.

To see details of what jobs lines are approved and which jobs are awaiting approval, select the image in this column.

HistorySelect the icon in this column to see when and who submitted and approved the card.