Create a New Template

Create a template to create a snapshot of an enterprise, site or project configuration.

Before you can create a template, you must contact support to have the feature enabled.
  1. Right-click on the enterprise, site, or project that you want to use to create the template and navigate to Template > New.
  2. Use the Name and Description fields to enter the name and description of the template.
  3. Use the Items to Include fields to select which areas of the site to include in the template:
    • Security Groups - If you select to copy security groups, when the template is implemented, the security groups will be recreated and will include (Created from template) in their name.

    • Keywords
    • Custom Fields
    • Static Virtual Containers
    • Item Status
    • Projects - If you want to copy sub-projects, you must also select the Sub Projects option.

    • Dynamic Virtual Containers
    • Distribution Groups
    • Workflows - The panel members on the Workflows will require access to the new location when the template is implemented.

    • Task Containers
    • Discussion Containers
    • Form Templates
    • Sub Projects
    • Document Containers
    • Security Group Members
    Note: If you select to copy task, discussion, or document containers, only the containers are copied--not the contents of the containers.
  4. Use the Template Location field to select where the template will be created.
  5. Click Finish. Saving the template may take several minutes depending on the size of the template.