Managing Enterprises, Sites, and Projects

An administrator is responsible for creating, configuring, and managing the enterprises, sites, and projects that users access within Viewpoint For Projects™.

  • Create and configure each from scratch, or use templates to create a snapshot of an enterprise, site or project configuration on which new definitions can be based.
  • Specify a separate logo for the enterprise, site, and project.
  • At the enterprise level, configure the subject lines of email notifications. The specifications at the enterprise level apply to all of the sites and projects below it, so that all email notifications are formatted in the same way.
  • Use the Auto Naming feature to have the system automatically name documents, tasks, and discussions that are uploaded to a site.
  • Create new statuses for an enterprise; assign statuses to sites, projects, and containers; and set default statuses.
Note: If you accidentally deleted a Site or Project, contact Support with the name and previous location of the Site or Project.