Compare Different Revisions in the Brava Viewer

You can compare two revisions of the same file in the Brava Viewer to see what changes were made.

You can compare revisions only if the Compare feature has been enabled by your administrator.
  1. Navigate to the file you want to view, right-click, and select View and Markup.
    The file opens in the Brava Viewer.
  2. In the Revisions panel, click the Compare Previous Revision link to compare the current revision to the previous revision. Or, if there are more than two revisions, select the specific revision from the drop-down list and click the Compare with Revision link as illustrated below.
    The revision opens in the Viewer, adjacent to the original in Side-by-Side mode.
  3. Use the icons within the Compare toolbar to compare the revisions.
    Restriction: When using the Compare toolbar, most of the functionality associated with Annotate, Review, Redact, Measure, and Publishing (except Save View as .JPG) will not be available for use.