Create a View

You can create a View so that search results, saved search reports, and containers will display with the columns that you configured in your view.

  1. Search for items, run a report in My Reports, or go to the Items tab in a container.
  2. Click My Views and select Define Views.
    The Define Column Views window appears. If you've already created Views, they will be listed.
  3. Click New.
    The Configure Column View window displays.
  4. Enter a Name for your View.
  5. If you want other users to have access to this View, select Everybody from Visible To.
    Note: Only Enterprise Power Administrators will have access to this feature.
  6. Decide where you want the View to appear from Type of View.
    If you select Specific Containers, you'll be able to select containers from Apply View. If you select All containers of a Type, you'll be able to select types of containers from Apply View. The View will be available from either the containers you select or from any containers that match the type you select.
  7. Select the columns you want to display from Select Fields.
    You can change the order the columns will be listed in by using the Up and Down buttons. Columns at the top of the selected columns list will display to the left of columns that are at the bottom of the list.
  8. Optional: Choose the width of the columns by selecting from Width Type.
    Select Fixed Width if you want to define the width of the column in pixels(1-500), or click Show all text if you want the columns to automatically resize based on the contents of the column.
  9. Optional: Select a column from Sort Field to determine which column will be used to sort. Select a Sort Order.
  10. Click OK.