Install the Desktop App

You need to download and install the Desktop App before you can use it in conjunction with Viewpoint For Projects™.

  1. Click here to download the Desktop App installer.
    An installation wizard opens.
  2. Follow the wizard.
  3. Ensure that Launch VFP Desktop is selected before you click Finish.
  4. In the Region Verification window that appears, enter your username. Click Set Region & Close.
  5. In the Login window that appears, enter your Viewpoint For Projects™ username and password and click Login.
    After completing the wizard, Windows Explorer opens, displaying This PC and the Viewpoint For Projects™ drive in it. Also, a Desktop App icon loads in your system tray.
You are logged in to Desktop App and can begin accessing items, working on items while you are offline, editing items in your preferred editing programs, and adding items.